Program Description

Program Description

In this program you work with faculty who are experts in the field. They offer a comprehensive array of academic, historical, creative and practical learning experiences related to the construction and design of fashion apparel.

The Fashion Design Bachelor of Arts program is intended to educate students in the art, philosophy, theory, process, and product of fashion design in the 21st Century. The curriculum provides an aesthetic and intellectual environment founded on the design process, enhanced by the interplay of technique, function, technology, and individual creative expression. 

IU's Fashion Design curriculum addresses the design process and its relationship to the retail cycle. Both involve a repetitive pattern of analysis and creativity. The program uses and builds on the essential foundations of the arts and sciences, encouraging students to be creative multidisciplinary thinkers and skilled communicators.

You learn about the materials used to make garments, gaining knowledge of the fibers, weaves, and finishes of materials. You also learn to use various techniques, functions, technologies, and your own creativity in the process of designing and constructing garments.

The minor in Fashion Design is offered for students majoring in other subjects. Many students who are earning the B.S. degree in Apparel Merchandising also earn the minor in fashion design.